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The V120L is a fast, adaptable bike for those looking to ride further, faster than before.  The powerful motor takes the scooter to a top speed which rivals the top petrol bikes in its class, while the high-capacity battery means that you needn’t worry about finding a charging point quite so often.

Battery type: Fixed Lithium


Charging time 5-6 hours

Max power 4000W

Maximum speed 40-45 mph



Battery capacity 48V 52AH

Weight 130Kg


V120L plus :

Battery capacity 104Ah

Weight 165Kg

The City 80-L is the perfect bike for getting about town.  Whether you’re commuting to work, visiting friends or heading out for a ride in the park, the distinctive look of the City 80-L is sure to turn heads.  The light weight and low center of gravity means that getting through traffic is a doddle, and the removable battery lets you park wherever is convenient and charge in your home or workplace.

Battery type Lithium

Battery capacity 72V20AH

Battery weight 12.5kg /unit

Charging time 3.5 hours

Max power 1000W

Maximum speed 28 mph

Distance range 28-30 miles



The future of electric motoring starts here

Ride the next generation of electric motorbike

Fast, fun and emissions free

VMOTO Super Soco all electric Motorcycle Moped


Battery Concept




Battery Capacity


Lithium Battery (18650)









Rating Power


Max Power


Max Torque











Max discharge current



Input Voltage


Input current


Charging time






7-8 hours



Max Speed


Distance Range


Climbing Capacity




40 miles




Basic Information





Ground Clearance


Seat Height










Fr/Rr Shock Absorbers










tubeless, 100/70-17


Fr MT 1.5-17; Rr MT2.5-17


Fr Disc (220mm);

Rr Disc (180mm)

 wave discs


Upside down front forks / monoshock hydraulic



Frequently asked questions



Why should I buy a Super Soco?


Super Socos are environmentally friendly as they do not emit polluting gases like petrol or diesel engines. Running costs are extremely low compared to petrol motorcycle, as while the purchase price is approximately the same as an equivalent petrol motorcycle, electricity costs a lot less than petrol per mile, there is no road tax to pay, lower insurance policies and free parking in some London boroughs. A 13A plug socket is all that is required to charge our motorcycles.


How much does electricity cost?


Currently, electricity costs approximately £0.12 to £0.18 per kWh, depending on your energy supplier. This means that using a Super Soco electric motorcycle you will spend less than £1.00 per 100 miles.


How far can I go on one charge?


The range of a Super Soco depends on factors such as road condition, hills, temperature, weight of the rider and tyre pressure. Super Soco battery range is 30 to 40 miles and two batteries can be installed for twice the range.


How long will the battery last?


Super Socos batteries are rated to maintain a capacity of 80% of their initial capacity after 3 years. Keeping up with our recommended charging and storage practices will ensure optimum battery life. If your battery loses more than 20% capacity before this time then, subject to compliance with the warranty conditions, we will replace it free of charge.


How long does it take the battery to charge?


Charging time depends on how depleted the battery is and the power source available. The Super Socos battery takes 7-8 hours to fully charge from 0%.


Do I need a license to ride a Super Soco on UK public roads?


You must have a valid provisional or full driving licence covering mopeds or motorcycles to ride Super Socos.


Generally, if you passed your (car) driving test before 1 February 2001 you can ride a Super Soco without further training or L plates, although it is a good idea to obtain some training prior to riding.


If you have a provisional moped licence or passed your car driving test later than 1 February 2001 then you are required to pass your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and you must display L plates until you qualify for a full licence.  Provisional entitlement with CBT is valid for two years after which CBT must be retaken.


CBT can be completed in one day and costs around £100.00. More information about Driver Vehicle Licensing including CBT can be found at


Do Socos need road tax, registration document, number plates and MOT tests in the UK?


Electric motorcycles are exempt from vehicle tax but, like all road vehicles, electric motorcycles must be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and display number plates.


Every vehicle in the UK that is more than three years old needs an MOT test and electric motorcycles are no exception. This will cover all the standard tests for a motorcycle.


What does the Super Soco warranty cover?


At Super Soco your warranty covers the repair or replacement of any part, which is defective in material or factory workmanship under normal use for the applicable warranty period. Warranty cover in relation to the battery is 3 years or 50,000 km whichever occurs first. Otherwise it is two years.


How does the Super Soco compare with other electric motorcycles?

•Super Soco was designed from the ground up as an electric motorcycle, following a $15m crowdfunding campaign

•Super Socos are homologated for the entire European market

•Each Super Soco is tested for functionality and quality before it leaves our factory

•All our Socos that are delivered from UK stock are quality checked in the UK again to ensure we offer a quality product and reliable delivery

•All Super Socos comprise an external charger and removable battery and can be charged at any common household socket




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